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Graphics vs. Text Designs       As a web builder or developer, a person has to make a choice between what type of design they should use as the primary design in their new website.

      There are pro's and con's to both of these types of designs as well as important information regarding both of these one would need in order to make a wise decision. These factor into a decision which could decide if your site receives any return visitors or not.

Who Needs Graphics?

      The majority of sites out there on the Internet use graphics to enhance the visual quality of their site. Most of the time this is necessary. As an internet surfer, I like to see interesting sites with good graphics rather than a dull text-only site.

      This is especially true for sites dealing with gaming or graphics. Graphics not only allow for "nicer" visuals but they can open up into allowing for designs that are visually appealing and stunning. In my, as well as many others' opinions, graphics are an essential part of a website.

It's All About Balance.

      If you're going to use graphics on your website, you need to do so wisely. Rather than hogging your entire page with graphics that take forever to load, use low-bandwidth graphics that are visually appealing while not so time-consuming as far as downloading. In addition, use graphics in moderation. In most cases, a website doesn't need to be composed entirely of graphics but of a mix containing helpful graphics as well as informational text.

      In the end, it all comes down to your personal preference whether you want to use a primarily graphics versus a primary text design. If you choose to go the graphics route, however, you need to keep the graphic sizes down to a minimum while making nice graphics that will enhance the actual content of your site. Have fun designing and building!

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R Smith
The XRS Network
Tuesday November 9, 1999

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