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User Communications       The possibility of interacting with your website's users simultaneously as they surf around your website sounds great doesn't it? Many websites today, customer support-related ones in particular, are embracing and integrating seamless user communication programs for easier contact.

The Many Benefits

      This is great for both the user and the site itself because with the interaction comes better technical support, faster communication, and an easier way to connect. Visitors to your website are more likely to go to a quick support area for solving problems or answering questions than filling out an email contact form and waiting as long as a few days for an answer.

Obtaining it for Your Site

      While we are still in somewhat of a dark age with interactive website communication, the ability to get replace traditional contact forms with new ones and chat rooms with one-to-one technical support is expanding rapidly. Currently only one service, Human Click, offers truly interactive content between the site operator(s) and users. However, as the demand for easier user communications continues to rise, so will the services that support it. If you're more into a program to put on your site, you may want to add some forums, a chat room, or even hire a technical support representative. However, none offers more convenience than Human Click. With the click of a button, your users can have a one-to-one chat or leave a message for you to retrieve with the Human Click free downloadable software.

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R Smith
The XRS Network
Tuesday June 13, 2000

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