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The Basics of HTML: Learn Them!       Learning HTML can be a tedious process for some while it is something beyond simple for others. This tutorial is great for anyone wanting to learn the basics of HTML because you can go as slow or as high-paced as you wish.

To Begin...

      HTML is the standard coding on the Internet for displaying web pages such as this one. You can make an HTML document with something as basic and efficient as Windows NotePad or use an editor with many wizards and helpers such as FrontPage. Each of the "style parts" of your page can be changed with what are called HTML Tags.

Tutorial Information

      This tutorial is an informative resource. We do not offer further help concerning this tutorial as it is a service we offer to the Internet community at no cost. Move on through each section listed below and enjoy!

Tutorial Sections

      00 - Introduction
      01 - Mandatory Tags (Html, Body, etc.)
      02 - Styling Tags (Font, Alignment, etc.)
      03 - Conclusion

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Wednesday November 3, 1999

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