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      The XRS Network has implemented this latest design for the benefit of everyone concerned. Thus, it is easily navigable for both beginners yet informative enough for intermediate to advanced users.

      Everything is arranged into four basic categories: Features, Resources, Help/Info, and Services. Each of these, with the exception of Resources, is easily accessible through every page on XRS.NET.

      If you'd like to search for a particular item such as information about CGI or Perl, just put in the keywords "CGI" or "PERL" into the search box above and you'll find the content you need.

      At the bottom of every page is a selection box linking to our partners. Our partners also have excellent sites devoted to Webmaster information and services so if you can't find what you need here (which is highly unlikely), you can find it at one of our partners' sites.

      In addition, you can get around The XRS Network through our links at the bottom of each page which is useful if you're on a long page and don't wish to return to the top of the page to navigate elsewhere.

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