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Our Information

      As with any other object or organism on our planet, something could be wrong. We do our best at XRS.NET to keep our information fresh and up-to-date with completely correct information. If you find anything that is wrong or misleading, please contact us and we'll do our best to correct the problem.


      We are against all forms of SPAM - whether it's through email, through information found on a web site, or even on IRC. All content on XRS.NET has been checked and should not contain anything linking to or promoting this unacceptable practice.

Your Privacy

      The privacy of our users is the utmost concern we are faced with as we do collect data about our users. However, we do not forcefully collect any information unique to a particular user with the exception of the user's IP address. This is kept in a safe location and is not given to anyone else except XRS.NET to collect traffic data.

      Our XRS Mail service is maintained on a third-party server and all information is handled with that server. XRS.NET claims no responsibility for lost information or divulged information on's behalf.

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